Food Photography Doesn’t Have to Be Hard


You are capable of making mouth-watering food images! Let photographing FOOD show you how you can use the photography equipment you already own to start taking beautiful food images right now!


What is photographing FOOD?


Photographing FOOD is a downloadable PDF series that will help you improve your food photography. Each issue is a 35-40 page full color behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make beautiful food images. Issues focus on one topic at a time, making them easy to understand and follow.

Take Photographing FOOD With You!


Photographing FOOD can be read anywhere.

Issues are formatted for computer, tablet, and mobile reading.

Who is photographing FOOD for?

Issues are for anyone who wants to improve their food photography.

This includes:

  • • Professional photographers looking to add food photography to their offered services.
  • • Amateur photographers who are wanting to add food shots to their portfolio.
  • • Bloggers who want beautiful photos to go alongside the delicious recipes and meals they create.
  • • Food purveyors who want to share their new creations with the online world!

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