Do you run a food blog, photography site. or any other website related to beautiful pictures of food? If yes, you are the perfect candidate to become an affiliate of photographing FOOD! Affiliates will earn 35% of orders that they bring in. All you have to do is sign up, get the link code, and post it on your site! Affiliates must be US citizens and willing to fill out a W-9 when $600 in payments have been reached.

Interested? Here is how to sign up.

1. Click here to Join the Photographing FOOD Affiliate Program!

2. Complete the Register Section by entering your email address twice and creating a password. Click Submit.

3. Check the email address you entered for an activation code. Copy that code from the email and paste it into the blank next to the words Activation Code.

4.Fill out the Profile Settings Page. For company name you may enter your name if you don’t have a company. Make sure to add the correct PayPal email address. Payments will be made through PayPal on the first or second of every month. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can sign up here.

5. Grab your link code. To do this click on affiliate admin. Click Get affiliate code. Select photographing FOOD as your merchant and click the get affiliate code button. The code in the yellow box is your affiliate code.


The section in the blue bracket is your affiliate link. To get paid, this link must be the one that you use to direct readers to photographing FOOD. Be sure that the affiliate id ( in green) is your affiliate ID. Your affiliate ID can be found in the affiliate admin area of your ejunkie account.

Whenever someone clicks this link and then purchases an issue of photographing FOOD, you will earn 35% of that purchase.

6. Make sure that the link you click works and takes people to the photographing FOOD site.

Here are some images and banners that you can use to help market photographing FOOD. You may save them and attach your affiliate link to them.


photographing_food®-07 photographing_food®-01


photographing_food®-06 photographing_food®-02









photographing_food®-04 photographing_food®-05

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