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Learn FOOD Photography 

Let Photographing FOOD SHOW YOU HOW

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I know what you may be thinking...

How can knowing how to take pictures of food make you more money?

There isn't any smellovision or toasteogram. 
To sell food, you need beautiful images of it!

To create these images, YOU have two choices. 

 Higher Someone or Do It Yourself!  

If YOU have the ability to create mouthwatering images of food, then you can profit from them by...

1. Charging others for your food photography abilities 

2. Saving money by creating your own food images to sell your recipes, dishes, or food products. 

or do both! 
Taking pictures of food has its challenges. I want to show you how you can overcome them and develop the food photography skills that will bring more money to your business.

 This FREE three part course is designed to help you begin!

What's In The Course?

This course consists of 3 videos delivered every few Days to your inbox over the course of a week. 


The Challenges of Food Photography

Taking pictures of food isn't like other types of photography. There are challenges unique to food that you will need to overcome!

In this 5 minute and 31 Second Video I will outline three of these challenges and show you how you can over come them! 

After the video, I will give you access to an article explaining how acquiring food photography skills will improve your business. 



What you need to create amazing food images!  

You don't need a lot to create mouthwatering food images. In this video, I walk you through three items (other than a camera) that I use every time I shoot! 

After this 4 minute and 44 second video, you will recieve a link to a full list of food photography resources. 



Making Your Food Look Its Best 

In the last part of this introductory course, I will share with you three things to think about when styling your food. 

After this video, I will introduce you to the photographing FOOD series and special offer that will help you start 


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